Empowering People Toward Harmony and Balance in Mind, Body and Life



We all age, but that doesn't mean you have to get old. Detoxify, renew, balance, and harmonize your organs, your hormones, and your life, with Symmetry's Healthy Aging Solution. Live the life you were meant to live.


As doctors, we deal with all types of physical complaints from both men and women. From our experience, we've found that Symmetry's Male Balance and Female Balance work wonders with our patients and friends in strengthening and supporting the body's systems for both men and women. Symmetry's products work - just ask our patients! - MARY & ANTONIO BUENDIA, PA

The Healthy Aging Solution includes:

Male/Female Balance

Ace Aloe +


Vital Probiotic

Ultra Vitality

Advanced Omega

Advanced Omega


Male and Female Balance are specially formulated to provide support to male and female systems with specially selected ingredients that naturally support the body’s functions.


Symmetry’s AceAloe+ is an all-natural, adaptogenic formula that supports your body’s defenses and balances your immune system without any side effects. It contains ten times the amount of Acemannan; a healing substance found in the leaf of the aloe plant found in many leading aloe products.


Genesis is a blend of potent antioxidants, including Resveratrol, that will boost your energy, slow the body’s aging process, and make you feel great. It has all of the health benefits of red wine, without the alcohol.


Build a healthy immune system with Symmetry’s Vital Probiotic. 70% of your immune system exists in the digestive tract. Vital Probiotic is clinically proven to colonize in the intestine.


Symmetry’s power-packed multivitamin, combined with botanical extracts and superfoods to support energy levels for increased productivity. Tackle the day with Ultra Vitality as a caplet or tasty drink mix!


Packed with Omega-3 with GLA and ALA essential for brain function, healthy circulation, and the support of healthy skin, nails, joints, and MORE!

       *Products may vary depending on country or region.