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Ease joint discomfort with Symmetry’s Bone and Joint Solution.  Over 52.5 million adults in the US suffer from arthritis, and 1 out of 5 people will die after a broken hip. Symmetry's Bone & Joint Health Solution has been formulated to rebuild bone and rejuvenate joints.


When one of my customers was forced to retire early from her job due to severe knee pain, I recommended Glucosamine. I was amazed to recently learn that, thanks to using Glucosamine regularly, for the first time in years, she was able to kneel down in church! I'm sold on Glucosamine! - JACKIE, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK

The Bone & Joint Health Solution includes:

Glucosamine Formula

Calcium Coverage


Vital Probiotic

Ultra Vitality

Advanced Omega


Symmetry’s Glucosamine Formula sooths and nourishes stressed joins while increasing range of motion. Our formula combines Chondroitin and Glucosamine to slow down the destruction of cartilage and provide the building blocks for cartilage repair. It lubricates joints and supports the health of connective tissue and joint structures.


Calcium Coverage is the convenient way to get the Calcium your body needs. It contains 600 mg of Calcium per dose derived from multiple sources for easy absorption and use. Magnesium helps regulate normal muscle contraction and heartbeat, Vitamin D aids in Calcium absorption, and Vitamin K and Boron support strong bones and teeth. Our formula contains vegetable sources of Calcium and the trace minerals necessary for a healthy skeletal system.


Genesis is a blend of potent antioxidants, including Resveratrol, that will boost your energy, slow the body’s aging process, and make you feel great. It has all of the health benefits of red wine, without the alcohol.


Build a healthy immune system with Symmetry’s Vital Probiotic. 70% of your immune system exists in the digestive tract. Vital Probiotic is clinically proven to colonize in the intestine.


Symmetry’s power-packed multivitamin, combined with botanical extracts and superfoods to support energy levels for increased productivity. Tackle the day with Ultra Vitality as a caplet or tasty drink mix!


Packed with Omega-3 with GLA and ALA essential for brain function, healthy circulation, and the support of healthy skin, nails, joints, and MORE!

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